Smile Gallery

Examples of Dr. Amin's Work

Full Arch Implants

Bad bite corrected with full mouth dental implants
All on 6 with zygomatic implants to end years of gum disease.
Failing implants and dentures fixed with full arch dental implants and zirconia bridges
Quad zygomatic implants for severe bone loss and denture replacement
Severe gum disease fixed with same day all on 4/6 implants
Underbite and gum problems gone. Now a handsome full mouth implants smile.

Multiple Implants

Eight severely decayed teeth replaced with implants in a single visit
Lower back teeth implants with gum grafting
Dental implant bridge to replace bad root canals
Implant bridge to replace cracked root canal molars
Severe gum disease front teeth replaced with implants in one visit
Four front teeth with dissolving roots replaced with dental implants

Single Tooth Implants

Broken upper front root canal-same day implant replacement!
Advanced block bone graft to make perfect cosmetic dental implant
3D imaging post on dental implant for porcelain crown
Tight space for implant with gum grafting and custom abutment
Root canal failed. Extracted with same day implant placement
Fractured tooth/cracked root canal-implant with ideal gum shape

Bone Grafting

Bone and gum graft for all on 4 dental implants
Born without teeth. Implants, gum and bone grafting
Ridge splitting bone widening showing thick bone after results
Sinus lifting and bone block grafting for dental implant reconstruction
Hole in jaw and block bone graft to fix severe bone loss followed by implant replacement for the front tooth
Gum taken from palate and bone rebuilt for complex single implant

Failing Implants

Jaw fracture from car accident. Had to rescue implants placed after accident.
Numerous failing implants and tooth bridges replaced with All on 6 implants in a single day. Extractions and implants all done together along with 3D milled teeth.
Bad implants removed leaving major bone defect. Bone grafting, implants and custom zirconia teeth
Failing implant inserted into the nose. Removed, bone grafting and beautiful dental implants completed
Total loss of all existing implants. Removed and replaced all implants and made new zirconia permanent nonremovable teeth
Took over difficult case from another dentist. Teeth failing from gum disease. New implants placed with custom designed smile

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