Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials
See what our patients really have to say about us!

Single Molar Dental Implant

Susan was told by two other dental implant specialists that her bone was too thin to have dental implants. She had four implants placed and bone grafting in our Burbank office. Here is what she has to say about it!

This patient had upper front dental implants to replace a failing bridge. He had a tooth right in the middle where two teeth were supposed to fit. His treatment took some time to complete because the bone grafting and implants had to be done in stages.

This patient came to me for a dental implant for a front tooth. It was deemed that his front tooth could be saved. He had an all porcelain crown and cosmetic treatment for his front teeth. He was thrilled not to have to have the dental implant after all!

This patient had multiple implants and lateral window sinus lift bone grafts. The video was taken just days after the surgery. Note how his face looks normal with no swelling from the dental implant surgery.

Tom had five dental implants and sinus bone grafting in our Burbank office.

Bridegetta had 14 dental implants placed in one visit and fixed implant bridges.

Denise –another happy patient!

Tony – 3 dental implants with a sinus bone graft. He is really funny. Please watch!

Chris – complex dental implant tooth replacement by Dr. Ramsey Amin.

Frank — 15 dental implants to replace his old dentures.

Stephan – wisdom teeth extracted, while asleep under IV Sedation