Dental Implants Are NOT Permanent! Redo’s revisions -The TRUTH!

Dental Implants Are NOT Permanent! Redo’s revisions -The TRUTH!

Dental Implants Are NOT Permanent! Redo’s revisions -The TRUTH!

Dental Implants Are Not Permanent! MUST WATCH

Wow… This is a lot to digest but worth watching for a few minutes. About 35% of my practice is devoted to redo’s/revisions of failing implants, bone grafts and implant crowns/bridges.

Having extra bone and gum is by far the best anatomical way to prevent problems with the surgical portion of the implants but this is one part only. In this video I review everything from implant design, implant screws, and gum grafting/recession, bone grafting failure of full arch all on 4, zygomatic implants failure, effect of smoking, diabetes, osteoporosis, peri-implantitis, and many many more.

By far the most important thing is to have your dental implants done right the first time. The training, skill, judgment and experience of your dental implant dentist along with their laboratory is going to determine long-term success or short-term misery.

Failing dental implants
Failing implants with a very little gum and bone

This video is not intended to scare anyone off as dental implants are very successful.  But I see an increasing rate of complications over the last 20 years mostly due to poor planning or lack of experience.

Please keep in mind that breast implants and hip/knee implants are not permanent either.

Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry


  1. Amanda Reinke


    I have had no problems with my screws or posts that my dentist have implanted, but I am not happy with the shape or color they turned out to be. I have two implants and both are on both sides of my two front teeth. They have a grayish tint to them that are more noticeable when I am out in the sun.

    Can I just redo the teeth without having to redo the posts and screws for those implants? Or do they have to take out everything?

    Thank you!

    May 7, 2020 at 1:01 pm Reply
    1. Ramsey Amin

      It is possible that you will not need to redo anything. Sometimes I can tunnel in a gum graft taken from behind your upper wisdom teeth area to thicken and covered the grey tone. This is all pending that the implant and restoration is done extremely well. This is a procedure I do all the time!

      May 8, 2020 at 11:57 pm Reply
  2. Aaron

    Hi Dr,

    Thanks for your very insightful and educational video on the truths behind dental implant. While maintaining good oral hygiene and proper care can prolong the lifespan of implant for many decades. Would you agree that if the dental vibrating cleaning tool for cleaning normal teeth used by the general dentist might loosen the dental the implant?

    And from some sources I read pertaining to implant, such as drinking of hot beverage in the long run can cause implant to resurface up and eventually fall out. As titanium screw would retain heat and burns the surrounding gum membrane. Hence, it would weaken the bone the implant is integrated to, the process is similar to peri-implantitis. Can you share your thoughts?

    Thank you.

    September 23, 2019 at 8:06 am Reply
    1. Hi Aaron,

      These are very insightful thoughts! But I would disagree with all of them. A well done dental implant will not be affected.
      Thank you,

      Dr. Amin

      Stay safe!

      January 17, 2021 at 11:54 am Reply
  3. Bernard J Watson

    Hi Dr Amin..I hope all is well with you..Im interested in getting implants…I live in Texas but I would like to have the procedures done by you..I believe that you are knowlegable in all aspects of it and habe been following and listening to your vids..I hope and pray I can get an appointment for a consultation regards to you..Bernard Watson..

    September 5, 2019 at 5:47 am Reply
    1. Ramsey Amin

      Hi Bernard. I am flattered by your comments. Please call the office at 818-846-3203. I have many patients that travel. This page may help you:

      September 14, 2019 at 10:50 pm Reply
  4. Rose Humphreys

    I saw my dentist today that put in my implant screws because I had 2 screws that came out. I was hoping that they weren’t the actual screws, but apparently they are. I had 4 screws put in for the All on 4 procedure. He originally put in 2 longer screws, and 2 shorter screws. It’s the 2 shorter screws that came out. I was wearing a full lower denture at that time, and hadn’t had the abutments put on yet. I am horrified about these screws coming out so long after they were put in and healed. I told the dentist that I thought it might have something to do with the fact that they were smaller screws ( 5 mm)… He said that wasn’t true, but i am still wondering about that 🙁

    The dentist did tell me that the other 2 ( longer screws) are firmly in the jaw and no problems with them, as seen in the X-Ray) . My question: does the All on 4 procedure generally use a shorter and longer ( in on an angle) screw? How long are screws usually, and could the size (length) of my implant screw have been an issue here?… and what the heck do I do now? Please share your opinion and insight. I am miserable…

    June 7, 2019 at 8:49 pm Reply
    1. Ramsey Amin

      I’m so sorry you’re having trouble. Generally smaller implants have a higher failure rate. In order for smaller implants to work for a full mouth replacement such as all on X/on for they need to be connected to other implants so that they gained strength in numbers. The choice to use a smaller implant hopefully was only made because you don’t have that much bone in the first place so they are forced to use a shorter screw. Some dentist like short implants and put them in everywhere. Here is some information on short versus long implants.

      As for what to do… You just need to replace those implants again…. Sorry

      June 15, 2019 at 9:54 pm Reply
    2. Nice to have met you!!!

      January 16, 2021 at 5:54 pm Reply
  5. Cynthia

    Good morning, I live I’m Texas and have seen about 17 dentist due to a tumor I had on the 6th tooth. Unfortunately, the 6th tooth was taken out and the dentist was not able to restore the bone lost during the procedure, so the 7th tooth was taken out a year later because it eventually lost all the bone around it too. It has been 4 years , and about 17 dentist later and most dentist agreed I need a block graft. I found a dentist who said he could do it %100 he had no doubts. Well, he did a bone graft and had me come in 5 months later and I had implants placed. However, the done graft that was done prior to the implants was not sufficient. He decided to do 2 more bone grafts (the pain Iam in when I see him is excruciating and I just sit there crying hoping he will be done soon) on my final bone graft he used a metal mesh that was screwed in with tiny screws that is preventing it from healing because my lip is integrating into the mesh. I can smile, sneeze or touch my cheeck because it hurts. So I went to an oral surgeon who gave me a copy of my xrays which show the implant is going in at an angle and I was advised a block graft was never done. Instead it was a regular graft that had a metal mesh screwed in to keep the membrane from coming out. I am desperately looking for help I was 24 when i lost my 2 front teeth and now I’m losing a 3rd one because the bone is receding still, maybe because I only have the screws put in with no crown. I have spent 4 years trying to stop the bone loss, so much time and money wasted. I dont know if to give up and just get a bridge or what type of dentist is able to restore so much bone loss.

    May 30, 2019 at 2:45 pm Reply
    1. Oh gosh. I am sorry to have missed this comment.

      I would suggest that you see someone proficient and experienced in the bone plate technique. This uses your own bone which is the gold standard.

      Scroll down to the failing implants section on this page to see something similar to yours

      January 17, 2021 at 11:52 am Reply

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Monica D.
Monica D.
December 29, 2020.
There aren't enough words (and I have a lot of words) to tell you how grateful I am to have found Dr. Ramsey Amin and his wonderful staff. I had an enormous amount of bone loss and I was hopeless after being treated by a different doctor for two years. I had multiple procedures such as gum graft, extractions, and a sinus lift. After all of that, the doctor released me and told me he could not help me any longer. He sent me to a large teaching hospital - who also had no idea how to help me. I was terrified and embarrassed. I had been missing teeth due to those procedures since 2017. That sent me out on a journey of meeting with no less than five different dentist/oral surgeons. Most of them shamed me for the bone loss and wondered what I had done to cause this. In reality, I had done nothing. The bone loss is my body's immune system fighting me, as well as hereditary traits. In fact not only was I having difficulty being able to have implants, I also had so much bone loss that I was also not a candidate for dentures. I researched "what to do when you have bone loss and can't get implants" and I found Dr. Amin's website. Then I researched him, read his reviews, watched every one of his You Tube videos. I called and got an appointment, and kept going to consultations with other providers. I had long since stopped smiling and being social. Missing teeth and the shaming was affecting my life so adversely. When I met with Dr. Amin for my consultation he was ready. He had all of my records and had already reviewed my scans. But more than that, he genuinely wanted to get to know about my life. He was/is authentic, kind and extremely professional with so much success and experience in difficult cases like mine. He worked up a treatment plan & I came back two weeks later to discuss my options...and the journey began. I have had three procedures under IV sedation, no pain, no narcotics needed for aftercare. Dr. Amin is a consumate, experienced oral surgeon who cares about your health & understands your fears. He communicates every step of the way and will provide you with all the information you need to make a decision to improve your health. I am still working toward my end goal, and we had to zig from traditional implants and zag to zygomatic implants instead...which is the reason I chose him in the first place. If there was nothing else that could be done to get me healthy & smiling again, I knew he would have that option to help me. And of course 2020, the year of CV-19. Don't worry, Dr. Amin & his staff follow all health & safety protocols. This review is long, because it is important you know my journey, so you might understand how fortunate I feel to be healing. I'm torn, because this place is like a great restaurant, I want to shout from the rooftops how great it is, how great he is. And at the same time, I want to keep this all to myself. I come 75 miles each way to see him. I know people travel from all over the world for his expertise. Do yourself a favor, have a consultation. You won't regret it. Dr. Amin is amazing and so is his staff.
Jennifer B.
Jennifer B.
December 18, 2020.
I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Amin and his professional staff. I have to start off and say that I am absolutely TERRIFIED of the dentist due to several past experiences. I found myself putting this off for YEARS until I was referred over to Dr. Amin. I was petrified on my first visit... but he along with his WONDERFUL staff made me feel so calm and at ease. I had quite a bit of work that needed to be done, but we found the perfect plan that worked out for me, and I couldn't be happier. Words cannot express my gratitude to each and every staff member that made me feel safe and comfortable. Dr. Amin was always so attentive in asking if I was ever in pain... and I never was. These are truly remarkable individuals, and I'm so lucky to have a dentist that I can trust. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE each and every one of you! Thank you,
D M.
D M.
December 17, 2020.
I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Amin and his staff. I originally found them on Yelp about two years ago. I needed an implant, front tooth of all places, and was extremely nervous not only about surgery but about how it would turn out. Let me just say I just adore the staff. Everyone is crazy friendly and the whole office has a very positive vibe. The staff is adorable and always has me smiling by the time I leave. They are all thorough and on-point about what they do, and I truly appreciate it. They are quick to respond to my emails no matter the question, and their appointment reminders are great too. Dr. Amin is very thorough and reassuring, and answered any questions my husband or I had. My regular dentist had questions about the procedure and Dr. Amin's office even reached out to them at my request (my dentist said they never received a call, but Dr. Amin's staff had date, time and notes - love the thoroughness!). After surgery the Dr. called to leave me a message about how it went. Very minimal pain during healing, never any pain during any visits. It took a few tries to get everything just right for the permanent crown (color, etc), but the end result is beyond fantastic! At one point during healing I thought I was experiencing some looseness or wiggling but unfortunately couldn't make it to the office. When I was finally able to make it in the Dr. was so relieved, bless his heart. Luckily it was just a false alarm and everything checked out ok. They're a bit further out from me, but I wanted the best. I sure found it! I wish they were my regular dentist, and I'm looking forward to seeing them again for my check-up which was delayed due to COVID.
Melissa E.
Melissa E.
December 9, 2020.
I found Dr. Amin a few years back after I hadn't been to a dentist in a decade. Many traumatic dental experiences in childhood have made me so phobic that even getting a cleaning was a knee-knocking, heart-pounding trial. But finally I couldn't put off some things any longer. During my first anesthesia session, Dr. Amin replaced five old metal fillings, and during the second he did three more plus a crown. I was completely comfortable, and never felt a thing. Because they were extra-long sessions, I did sleep for about 12 hours after, but the next day I felt just fine. This past week, my back top tooth cracked in half and fell out of my mouth, and a couple days later the crown on the remainder of the tooth fell out too! Despite being nervous about Covid 19, I had to get it taken care of, so I called and quizzed the staff about precautions, which turned out to be even above and beyond what I would have expected. So yesterday I went for the tooth extraction and plug. After they put on the blood pressure cuff and put in the IV, I gradually got a little tired and closed my eyes. I sat there for about 10 minutes and thought Gee, I wonder if they're going to get started any time soon, and a minute later Dr. Amin said "Wake up, you're all done!" That was a short session, and I didn't have the kind of fatigue I did my first time. I stayed up most of the evening. Today, everything is good! I'm taking my antibiotic and eating soft foods, and there is surprisingly little pain now that the numbness has worn off. The tooth site and my cheek are a little sore, and the corner of my mouth, and I have a very slight headache, but nothing to any great level--I'm not even taking the acetaminophen. I feel good, and wide awake. Thanks to everyone at the office for a comfortable and professional job! I really REALLY appreciate you for giving me painless dental experiences!
Tanya S.
Tanya S.
December 3, 2020.
What can I say about Dr. Amin he is the best! I'm so grateful for him. He has literally changed my life and given me the confidence to smile more. I had major restorative dental work done and everything went smoothly. Dr. Amin is very compassionate and he really cares about his patients he made me feel comfortable and cared for. He is very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. His office is very clean and they take the patients health and safety very serious. His staff is also amazing they made me feel very welcomed and important. I'm so happy I did my research and found Dr. Amin.  Thank you Dr. Amin and team.
Sheila S.
Sheila S.
November 6, 2020.
Two implants done! Finished all procedures and I couldn't be happier. It's the first time in years I looked forward to going to the dentist. Even during Covid life the staff and Dr. Amin took care of me. There is a possibility I may move to Long Beach but I would still travel to keep Dr. Amin as my dentist.
Allison S.
Allison S.
November 4, 2020.
I could not ask for a more caring, exceptionally knowledgeable dental care provider. He's not just a dentist, but someone who looks after your immediate dental needs and helps you plan and prepare for the future.
Julia R.
Julia R.
October 8, 2020.
I've been going to Dr. Amin since I turned 16 and have been going since. Before going to Dr. Amin's dental office, I had 4 crowns that I was not happy with and dealt with it until finally I asked Dr. Amin and because I  feel comfortable and because I trust him with his work I recently had my crowns fixed and worked on by  Dr. Amin and have never loved my smile the way I do now, I can actually enjoy my pictures, I can enjoy my smile from either angle and that really mattered to me. Thank you so much Dr. Amin still and will be in love with MY smile
Aaron D.
Aaron D.
October 6, 2020.
I've been coming to Dr. Ramsey for about five years and I have to say, he is by far the best dentist I've had - ever. The staff is professional and kind, the office is exceptionally well maintained, and Dr. Ramsey is careful and extremely knowledgeable about current developments and research in dentistry. I recently had a dental implant which was a long process but well worth it. I required a sinus lift as well as a bone graft. The surgery went off without a hitch, I was comfortable and the healing process was quick and without complication. Highly recommend!!
Flo O.
Flo O.
September 21, 2020.
This is my 1st review of Dr. Amin, and in my over 17 years of being with him, my experiences with Dr. Amin and his staff have always been positive.  I don't recall a bad experience with the several implant procedures i have had.  They run an efficient office.  I like that they are proactive and reach out to their patients to remind us of routine care needed.  Dr. Amin's bedside care is impeccable.  They are also technologically up to date in terms of sending out texts as reminders, ability to incorporate any appointment into your mobile phone.  That is certainly a plus.  Keep up the great care!!!